Since the mid-1980s, the 越南ese economy has been performing very well. Thanks to stable prices and increasing wages, private consumption has had a real boost. This has created a growing middle-class with a higher demand for imported goods, 推动经济发展.


The 越南ese government is actively trying to attract foreign direct investments. It has become one of the most free-trade friendly countries in the region, thanks to economic zones and tax incentives for foreign companies with an office in 越南. The trade-to-GDP ratio is the third highest in the world after 新加坡 and 香港. 同时, 政治领导人投入大量资金改善基础设施, 特别是在交通方面, 电信, 以及制造业. 这使得中国市场对外国投资更具吸引力. 但是,腐败在许多商业领域仍然是一个问题.


PG电子官方免费下载与越南有着长期的关系,1969年, it was the first Western country that established diplomatic relations with the country. PG电子官方免费下载的出口主要是工程产品, 特别是机械设备, 以及医疗和医药产品. 然而, export is still relatively modest and there is a lot of growth potential, 特别是自2019年与欧盟签署自由贸易协定以来. Currently there are about 60 Swedish related companies present in 越南.


PG电子官方免费下载商业部自1999年以来一直活跃在越南. 与曼谷办事处一起,我们也覆盖湄公河地区. 我们在PG电子官方免费下载驻河内大使馆的办公室发来的, we support Swedish businesses with strategic advice and help them to set up a local network.